Prima Ballerina Kelly Myernick is a Cheeky Girl Extroidinaire!

We love it when our clothes come to life, especially when it's on a prima ballerina!  Kelly Myernick, recently retired prima ballerina of the Houston Ballet and new mother, prances to perfection in our vintage couture pieces.  Check out her wonderful interview on!   here:

Kelly in vintage Halston top and vintage Chanel skirt

Kelly and her precious baby girl in mod 60's shift!

Kelly in Vintage Hermes!  Ooh la la!  Thank you Kelly and Beth Muecke of

for including us!  xoxo!  The Cheeky Team



Cheeky Girl Michelle~

When Michelle is not in surgical scrubs, she's a girl about town looking ever so stylish!

Her favorite vintage pieces include "a green dress that was my grandmother's from the 50's which she wore to cocktail parties and the golf club.  I had it altered to fit me and it is so neat because my mother remembers my grandmother wearing it.  The other is a vintage Escada dress that Carolyn helped my sweet boyfriend John pick out and surprise me!  It is the best traveling dress ever and so elegant!"

Michelle loves vintage because the "fabrics are so unique... and with tailoring by someone as talented as Nga, it looks like it was made to fit."

Michelle recycles everything!  "Big shout out to the City of Bellaire for their great recycling program - even includes Christmas trees!  I also keep all of the fruit and vegetable peels for Frida's compost pile to fertilize her garden."

Wow!  Keep it up Michelle - always so stylish and loving our Earth!

Photos by Lauren Anderson



Cheeky Girl Hallie~

Hallie is brains and beauty!  She's an engineer who happens to love wearing vintage! She creatively mixes vintage pieces into her corporate wardrobe and I'm sure is turning a few heads in the boardroom!  

Her favorite vintage piece, Cheeky of course, is this amazing striped Oscar de la Renta ball skirt!  We love how she has dressed it down so she can wear it more frequently.  "I like how vintage has artistry and gives me something different in my wardrobe." We couldn't agree more Hallie.

She hopes that her fave vintage Chanel suit will be handed down and appreciated in the future. We have no doubt it will!

Photos by Lauren Anderson