The Fierce and Feathery: 2019's Now Neutral


We all know fashion is an ever-changing art form. Vintage clothing is a history book, telling stories of every previous fad, from colors to fabrics to silhouettes. Some trends fizzle out, some resurge, but others rise up as the timeless classics we love over and over again. Today's featured story from our vintage capsule, is one of those recurring staples: Animal Print

Evolution of animal print in history: 

50's animal print 

luxurious long coats with full animal print were a popular 50's trend! 

60's animal print:

Boxy silhouettes dominated the 60's, but animal print didn't get left behind! Luxurious furs would have been big as ensemble- finishing statements 

70's animal print 

A quintessential example of 70's animal print, this feather pattern blouse with a tie neck feature might have been paired with a high-waist flare pant. 

80's animal print 

Colors and a daring modular imitation cheetah print are examples of 80s does animal print


But how can we reclaim this historical motif in 2019? We don't simply discard it as a cliche - We reimagine this statement look as our newest neutral. 


The proof (and the fall fashion inspo!) is in the pictures: 

Street Wear: Coordinating golden tones

Cheeky Upcycled Silk Brocade Swing Jacket with everyday white ruffle top and tapered leopard print pants. 

Work Wear: Patterns on Patterns

Cheeky Upcycled Vintage Silk Statement Sleeve Blouse with Fitted Leopard Pant (Also works fabulously with animal print pencil skirt! )

This fall, we hope you'll take a page from our book and fearlessly rock your favorite this super fun trend! 

Cheeky Fashionistas in Their Fall Favorites

While we love every season here at Cheeky Vintage, fall just might be our favorite! Yes, pumpkin spice everything is fabulous, but fall fashion takes the cake as our #1 this time of year!

To celebrate all things fall, we’ve rounded up five Cheeky fashionistas to share their favorite vintage looks this season, and to tell us a thing or two about what vintage fashion means to them. 

 Pam Sengelman

If Pam could be any piece of clothing or accessory, she'd be a pair of earrings. Because who wouldn't want to dance around and glitter!? We think this sums up this Pucci-loving fashionista's personality just perfectly.

Pam's straight out of the seventies Cheeky Vintage leopard top with matching bell bottoms looks as if it were made for her! "I love vintage because it is more unique, special and has a story behind it!" Can you imagine the amazing story behind this oh-so-cute fall number?

Pam's favorite fashion advice: "If you're feeling overly accessorized, take the last piece you put on off. And wear good undergarments!"

 Catherine Codispoti

A self-proclaimed feminist, Catherine is active in the Houston philanthropic community and has been fascinated by fashion since a very young age. “Vintage fashion reminds me of both of my grandmothers. They were classic beauties who always wore simple, clean, elegant clothing and accessories.”

With a baby on the way, Catherine has been opting for comfortable dresses this fall. Her navy blue Cheeky Vintage shift dress works both with and without a belly and looks stunning paired with her burgundy heels.

Catherine’s number one fashion advice comes from her mother and is: “No piece of clothing or accessory should outshine the girl!”

 Joy Flowers-Ashton 

Joy's love of fashion was inspired at an early age by old Hollywood films such as Lady Sings the Blues & Mohangany. This Michael Kors lover's style philosophy is that by wearing vintage, one will "never have a twin" and will always stand out in a crowd.

Joy is styling her 1970s Printed Cheeky Dress paired with fabulous gold button earrings for a festive fall look.

Joy's favorite piece of fashion advice: "Don't be afraid of animal print. It gives life and character to any outfit."

Marthann Masterson

Considered well dressed since her high school days, Marthann is a lover of the drama and craftsmanship of 50’s and 60’s vintage fashion. “My favorite things that I have in my closet came from Cheeky Vintage,” with her most loved designers being Puccini, Ungaro Calvin Klein and the classic Chanel and Ralph Lauren, “of course.”

Marthann’s number one piece in her wardrobe from Cheeky Vintage is this stunning billowy bell-sleeved top, that only someone with an air of style confidence like Marthann could rock! We love how she pairs it with her go-to white wide leg crepe pants for an end of the summer look.

Fun fact, no need to study up on trends anymore, Marthann can easily spot a piece that would flatter her without having to try it on.

Helen McLaughlin

If Helen could be any piece of clothing, shoes or accessories, she would be a hat. “I’ve collected hats for half my life and they instantly complete a look.” This Oscar de la Renta loving fashionista loves that vintage style is both unique & bold, setting you apart from the crowd.

In one of her favorite Cheeky Vintage finds, Helen loves the flowy cape-like detail that adds intereste to this gorgeous blue 1970s printed maxi dress. This gorgeous gown is perfect for wedding season, and still works perfectly with a baby bump! (Helen is due later this year!)

When asked if she has any style rules she regularly follows, Helen says: “Absolutely not. I wear what makes me happy, comfortable & confident.”

And that’s an attitude that we all strive to share!


*A big thank you to our Cheeky Fashionistas for playing dress up with us for this fun feature!*

All that GLITTERS!

Hi, Cheeky Girls! Today we bring you our favorite things for the holiday season. Fur, sequins, texture & lots of glitter have our eyes sparkling this time of year. Enjoy! Xoxo 

Red Fox coat// fits multiple sizes// $3,200

Emerald Rhinesone Bracelet $140// Gold & faux pearl bracelet $128

1960's blue cocktail dress, size medium $230// Fox Stole $1,800 


Mink & taupe leather coat, size medium $595//

Suede & silk cocktail dress, size 6, $725

Grapefruit 1960's cocktail dress, size 6 $350// Grey fox fur collar $179

Prada yellow sequin bag $375// Striped coat, size small $240//

Plaid dress, size small $175

Fur scarf $158// Red cocktail dress, size small $198// Nettie Rosenstein tan bag $695

Adjustable Judith Leiber gold & rhinestone belt, fits most $340

Purple gown, size medium $290// Pearl & rhinstone tiger clasp necklace $168

Mink, cashmere & silk cardigan, size medium $1,425// Escada belt, size small $395

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